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Bookkeeping for startups
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CFO Services

Our external CFOs do much more than control finances. They formulate strategies and direct procedures that help boost the company’s natural growth potential. They produce monthly reports and financial projections, assist the company during the due-diligence process, communicate with investors, and manage the rate of cash flow or burn.

The person fulfilling this important role must not only be able to ensure budget compliance and understand the needs of the company, they must also be able to identify financial opportunities, systemic failures, and be able to do whatever the company needs financially to make the founders’ vision a reality.

Budget Control
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Budget Control

We’ll set your budget by breaking down your business model, forming your pricing strategy, and setting market-penetration and target prices – all done according to the results of comprehensive research on your competitors.

We’ll compare your company’s planned finances for a given period with that period’s results, to determine that your budget is under control. And we’ll analyze and strengthen company resources based on profit centers and financial projections. Only by having accurate, up-to-date information on the financial aspect of your company’s objectives can you forecast accurately, make informed decisions, and maximize growth

Our Financial Reports
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Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Our outsourced accounting services are based on proprietary technology and our highly experienced payroll specialists. But our overall aim is to save you time by establishing the infrastructure you need to work right, and to digitally gather and organize the financial data you need to make informed decisions.

Services include everything from day-to-day operations and budgetary control to salary administration, processing and managing benefits, assuring legal compliance, and filing tax reports.

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The most important contribution of a CFO service is preventing a scenario where a venture with real feasibility, an original idea, a widely needed product, and fantastic people, fails merely because of financial problems. Or rather, because of poor economic management. The answer for this one is simply all of them. And to be precise: any startup that needs professional financial management and still can’t afford a full-time CFO. It’s especially recommended to take advantage of such services prior to raising capital – at least a full quarter before the start of the process.

Startups at the beginning of their journey face a dilemma. On the one hand, money is a critical resource that should be managed by a skilled, experienced professional: a Chief Financial Officer. But employing a full-time CFO is a major expense. Fortunately, this dilemma has one incredibly effective solution: outsourcing.

Naturally, the work of an external CFO must be tailored to the specific needs of each startup at each point in time. Among other things, the service’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Optimizing financial management according to the startup’s goals.
  • Tight control of budget and cash flow, as well as accurate forecasting, so that the company always has the resources to finance its essential needs.
  • Insights that form the basis for optimal decision-making.
  • Advising on economic issues.
  • Mainly, peace of mind, that is, the ability of CEOs to concentrate on what they do best, developing their business’s core product.

If your startup is in growth stages and you do not see the need for a full-time CFO but you still want a person with experience and knowledge to understand the company and to build an accurate work infrastructure you are definitely suitable.

We’ll look back at the company’s payroll and bookkeeping history and review all of the company’s accounting activity and categorize the revenues by profit centers. The company’s budget will be built on the basis of this classification.
As for the CFO serviceswe will complete a full buildout of the company’s budget for the future year, study the major profit centers, and re-examine the company’s business strategy. We’ll also develop the company’s cash flow, establish procedures for completing the month, do a preliminary review of the cash balance, and give hedging recommendations. We will have a thorough analysis and reflection of the situation for the company’s CEO at the end of the process, as well as a budget set for next year. The budget will be broken down and segmented into several profit areas and will meet the company’s operational and financial objectives.